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The Fuel Cell System Company

As part of the global fuel cell activities of Daimler AG, Daimler Truck Fuel Cell is responsible for research and development, production and sales in the field of fuel cell systems for motor vehicles and non-automotive applications. This also involves hydrogen tank systems, the support for a resilient hydrogen infrastructure, the assembly of prototypes, repairs made to existing systems, and the distribution of these systems and individual components.


Daimler Truck Fuell Cell is founded on a set of profound and long-established expertise in fuel cell technology. Since 1997, all activities for the further development of fuel cell systems have been concentrated at the headquarters in Nabern near Kirchheim-Teck and also in Burnaby, Canada, and Untertürkheim. The original initiator was Ballard Research Inc., founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Ballard in Burnaby, Canada. In 1983 fuel cell technology was developed at Ballard for the first time. 1993 saw the presentation of the first bus to be powered by hydrogen-technology fuel cells. In 2001, the first product of this type was made available on the market.

At our facility in Burnaby, Canada, the heart of the fuel cell system, the fuel cell stack, is manufactured in a state-of-the-art production plant. Daimler Truck Fuel Cell can also rely on many years of expertise and experience in stack development and production. At the German locations in Nabern and Untertürkheim, the entire development of fuel cell systems and their final production, including testing, takes place before the systems are handed over to the customers. Alongside stacks, the core components of the technology, additional subsystems have been developed for the purposes of energy conversion. In 2005, the company's systems business was the subject of a takeover by DaimlerChrysler and Ford as part of a joint venture. The predecessor of the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell, the Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell in Nabern (formerly Ballard Power Systems AG) was assigned the task of developing series-ready fuel cell drive systems. In 2009, Daimler AG acquired Ford Motor Company's 50% share in Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell. The Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell was a 100 % subsidiary of Daimler AG and a global leader in the development of fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems for vehicle applications. Because of Daimler Truck AG's strong commitment to fuel cell technology, it was decided in 2020 to combine all group-wide fuel cell activities in one organizational unit in order to lead hydrogen-based technology more focused and efficient to success. For this reason, since August 1, 2020 all fuel cell-related activities have been bundled in the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell, which in turn is a 100% subsidiary of the Daimler Truck AG.


Fuel cell technology is an integral aspect of the drive system strategy of the manufacturers. This is because the advantages are obvious: A high vehicle range alongside extremely short refueling times, and at the same time broad application possibilities, ranging from passenger cars, busses, trucks etc. Daimler Truck Fuel is responsible for system concepts, system development, components and software development, system validation and the entire production process as well as marketing and sales.


Daimler Truck Fuel Cell develops its fuel cell systems according to stringent automobile industry processes and Daimler standards for mass production. Zero emissions with the greatest efficiency is the core concept of the development work of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell.

Daimler Truck Fuel Cell - Who We Are

More than 200 highly specialized colleagues work on the success of fuel cell systems in inter-disciplinary teams at the locations in Nabern, Untertürkheim and Burnaby (Canada) together with our participating technology and cooperation partners. Around 700 individual patents have been issued, underlining the leading role played by the company when it comes to technological development.

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