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24h H2 Challenge

Winner: Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers

Stuttgart –

For the 2nd time the 24h Hydrogen Rally took place, in which the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell started with 8 teams. The 24h Hydrogen Rally is a unique event, where only hydrogen-powered cars are competing, demonstrating once again to the world the possibilities of driving with hydrogen. For the participants, the race is above all a strategic game, where the ultimate goal is to win.

During the 24 hours, the rally teams collect points by finding specific landmarks and completingtasks. Points are also awarded for driven kilometers, visiting and using hydrogen filling stations and crossing national and state borders. Teams that reach this level compete in the Classic category. For more eager crews there is the creative category. At this level members receive points for creating an online travel blog. The highest scores are awarded to those with detailed stories, impressive photos and creative videos,  showing that the team is having fun and promoting hydrogen. By working together, participants can reach a huge audience.

At this year's event, 17 teams started (in Constance) and covered an average of 1,491 km/team in the24 hours to the finish in Stuttgart.

We are very proud to announce that with the teams "Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers" (1st place) and "ConFueled Cell Drivers" (3rd place) two teams of ours were represented on the podium. The winning team "Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers" drove a total of 1894 km, with stops in Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg and Stuttgart. By taking pictures of the numerous sights (including the Thyssen-Krupp Tower, Check Point Charlie and the Frauenkirche), the team scored a whopping 8,369 points. The overall result can be read here.

All in all, the rally helped to make the perception of hydrogen cars on the road more widely known. Let's now push our technology forward so that we can soon drive around the world in hydrogen trucks.

The next 24h Hydrogen Challenge will take place in September 2021.

Place 3: ConFueled Cell Drivers

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