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Roadtrip Through Death Valley – B-Class F-Cell as a Water Source

As Hollywood star Diane Kruger performs the test - holding the bottle under the tap on the tail-end of the vehicle before filling it and placing it to her lips - everyone is anxious to find out: Is that really water that Diane Kruger is drinking? Is this drinking water or an automobile's waste product? And of all places here? In the desert? Diane Kruger nods and laughs: The Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell has passed the test in Death Valley, one of the driest places on Earth. The experiment shows the sort of exceptional possibilities offered by the fuel cell drive system and can be seen as a video on Youtube.

For over two years now, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have been driving day after day with the B-Class F-Cell, the vehicle whose sole emission is pure water. In "Defying Death Valley" the two stars embark on a two-day drive through Death Valley in temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius without drinking water reserves. In doing so, they are placing their lives in the hands of the B-Class F-Cell. The Hollywood stars use the water generated as they drive by the operation of the fuel cell for drinking and cooking.

The end result is positive. "We are now true fuel cell fans. Using the car is really easy. In normal everyday use we have no restrictions to our normal mobility – and we also had no water problems in Death Valley", says Diane Kruger. "Refuel in 3 minutes, drive for about 400 kilometers and, in doing so, generate zero emissions – it's just perfect", says Joshua Jackson.

And they are not alone: The Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell is becoming a popular success story. The 70-vehicle F-Cell fleet in the USA has traveled a combined 1.6 million kilometers and, in doing so, saved around 113,500 liters of fuel and almost 270 tons of carbon dioxide. One of the nearly 200 vehicles owned by customers in Europe and the USA since 2010 has already chalked up 315,000 kilometers on its odometer.

The B-Class F-Cell is the first electric vehicle with a fuel cell to be produced under series conditions by Mercedes-Benz. The traction motor current is generated on-board the vehicle by the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. With a range of around 400 kilometers and short refueling times of less than three minutes, the B-Class F-Cell combines emission-free mobility with long-distance capability and emphatic road performance.

Fuel cell technology is an integral aspect of Daimler's long-term drive system strategy on the path to emission-free mobility. "With various projects in Germany, the USA and Norway, and last but not least the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive, we have shown that the time has come for electric vehicles and that hydrogen has enormous potential as an energy source. And we are all the happier that famous film stars are promoting this technology and drawing attention to the advantages of electric mobility", says a Daimler AG top executive.

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